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Sam and Duncan’s Awards 2020 – The Winners

You shared your inspirational and funny stories, which we celebrated in our 3rd Annual Sam and Duncan Awards.

By Georgia FreeThursday 17 Dec 2020Hope BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 4 minutes

Twenty-twenty… what a year you’ve been! But, Hopeland, you have stood strong through the ups, downs, social distancing and endless Zoom meetings. You have continued to be part of the Hope Breakfast family and shared your inspirational – and funny – stories. And, oh how we’ve had some laughs together.

So, today, we celebrated you in our 3rd Annual Sam and Duncan Awards… drum roll… 🥁

Call of the Year

Third place

Sal from Blacktown for misjudging the stage level at church and subsequently splitting his pants during worship leading (Talk topic: What did you misjudge?)  

Listen: Sal recounts a moment of embarrassment during worship leading


Matt from the Blue Mountains for driving around with an owl statue on his car roof (Talk topic: What did you leave on your roof?)

Listen: Matt reveals an unusual object that he keeps on his car roof


Tracy from Earlwood for finding a spider in her ear canal (Talk topic: Spider Encounters) 

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Listen: Tracy horrifies the Breakfast team with this tale involving a pesky spider and an ear canal

Text of the Year 


Anna for her obvious DIY tips

I learnt the hard way not to put the top of the superglue in my mouth while I was super gluing things I needed to.


Kate from Padstow for her love of fried chicken burgers

Listen: Kate from Padstow receiving her Text of the Year award

When my daughter was born that tall burger [Zinger Tower from KFC] was out and me and my husband got one each on the way home from hospital. So essentially my daughter’s first destination was a fast food restaurant instead of her home. 

Note: Kate shared a twist to her epic burger saga in her acceptance speech in the player above.

Trivia Moment of the Year


Brad won the Masters of the Universe Tournament of Champions. Brad beat out 300 other competitors over nine months of intense daily trivia to win a grand hamper. 


Traffic Light Trivia Debacle – less than a week after the crowning of Master of the Universe, came this winning (can we really call it that?) trivia moment…

Listen: Trivia Moment of the Year – Traffic Light Debacle

MVP of 2020


  • COVID Marshals
  • Hand Sanitiser (only the good smelling ones)
  • Zoom Mute Button 


Rain Gauge for giving us something to do in lockdown, except when it was sunny.

MVP of Hopeland 

This award was awarded to someone who has gone above and beyond in acts of service for the Hopeland community.


  • Daniel from Tregear for being the Masters of the Universe leaderboard minor premier, and always calling for trivia when no-one else did.
  • Clara from Merrylands for making copious amounts of homemade Christmas gifts.
  • Vanessa from Cherrybrook for teaching Sam the ‘pinch and pull’ method to keep his glasses unfogged while wearing a face mask.


The Lizardfish for being the star of Bombay Duck – and our Breakfast show.

Listen: MVP of 2020 went to a staple of 2020 Hope Breakfast, the mighty lizardfish. 

Hopeland’s Got Talent

Runner Up

Trevor for demonstrating a sharp memory and tongue in singing an entire verse of Allstar by Smashmouth (Talk topic: Hopeland’s Gold Star Initiative) 

Listen: Trevor sings Allstar by Smashmouth


Joan for demonstrating bravery (and incredible pipes) through the mimicking of his morning alarm: The Power of Love by Gabrielle Aplin (Talk topic: What does your alarm sound like?) 

Listen: Joan singing The Power of Love by Gabrielle Aplin

Most Frequent Texter 

Trevor from Belrose for more than 255 texts to the Breakfast show

Blobs are misunderstood. All blobs deep down inside have a heart of jello and if everybody joins hands, the warmth of their love will melt the cold icy outer layers leaving a delicious dessert, probably raspberry flavoured. -Trevor on the Antarctic blob

I currently hold the world record for the most number of times a parent has said “back away from the ice cream and close the freezer door” in one day. -Trevor on dad life

When my son was 4 years old he used to sing to Beyonce – All the Singlets instead of All the Single Ladies. -Trevor on misheard lyrics

And finally… the Hopeland Hall of Fame

Karen from Cherrybrook

For rigging the trivia system by getting 50 points and, subsequently, letting literally hundreds of people try and take her down in ‘Coming For You Karen’ week. A well deserved inductee. 

That’s a wrap for our awards ceremony for 2020. Enjoy the COVID-safe canapés and we’ll be back in 2021 from Monday 18 January.

Thank you, Hopeland, for being the best listeners in Sydney!