"This is How Hope Changes My Life" - Stories From the Hopeland Community - Hope 103.2

“This is How Hope Changes My Life” – Stories From the Hopeland Community

The greatest thing about a Hope 103.2 Appeal is hearing from you—the listeners and supporters who make Hope possible. Here are some highlights...

By Hope 103.2Thursday 14 Nov 2019Station NewsReading Time: 7 minutes

“How Hope Changes My Life”

At Hope 103.2 the thing we love most about Appeals, is hearing from you—the listeners and supporters who make Hope possible. Here are just a few of your many heart-warming comments.

I feel like I know you all personally as you are in my house, in my car. You were in the hospital on my phone app while I was having chemo infusions, speaking words of comfort and love, reminding me God was in control. The daily verses and devotionals encourage me particularly when I battle with my 11 year old who has autism and often refuses to attend school. I can’t imagine my life without you guys in it. ~ Julie

After going through a divorce and becoming a single Mum, it’s been such a tumultuous time. I know Heidi Wyseman and so when she became a contributor I started listening to Hope. Now we listen everyday and pray together – I’m so grateful – you keep us encouraged. ~ Sharon

“You were in the hospital on my phone app while I was having chemo… reminding me God was in control.” ~ Julie

I’ve recently given my life to Jesus, and lately have been struggling a bit…I feel that God talks to me through your radio station. ~ Jen

I was prompted to give today by the conversations about paying for streaming services. It struck me that Hope is like God’s streaming service for our lives. ~ Tracey

I wanted to donate for my sister, she is disabled and she would not have survived without Gods love and sovereignty. ~ Anon

I love listening to hope radio everyday when driving home from night shift – or off to morning shift. You are a tangible reminder that hope is an unbreakable spiritual lifeline. ~ Susan

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I listen everyday on the way to work, I’m a surgeon and find Hope a positive way to start the day. ~ Jeremy

I’m been listening for 20 years and my kids listen now too. My son used to listen to Hope from his boarding school in Kenya. ~ Samantha

A friend told me about your station at a time when I had depression and Suicidal thoughts. Listening to daily devotion and the Christian music helped me through all the dark days. Thank you for spreading the word and love of God to all. ~ Anon

 “It warms my heart when I hear my 3 year old sing some of the Christian songs you play.” ~ Andrea

I’ve been listening since 2011. I’m not a Christian but I’m uplifted by the radio station and how it brings people to a knowledge of God. I love the spirituality of what is being done and the blessing it brings .~ Ibrahim

Thank you for your commitment to keeping Gods Word and love accessible throughout Sydney. I first found you when I lived in Sydney a couple of years ago. I’ve since moved back to the country and I cant imagine my days without being able to channel in and listen through the app. Thank you for inspiring me and keeping me grounded, every single day. ~ Bec in Yass

Thank you for helping me to grow in my faith. ~ Joyce

I appreciate the wonderful Christian messages… particularly Chris Witts’. It is very inspiring to listen to in the morning having a radio station that my children can listen to which is positive and also re-assuring that Jesus is constantly with in our daily lives. ~ Jane

Hope103.2 is more than just a radio station. It truly provides hope, inspiration and comfort to so many, including my family. I cant imagine life without it! ~ Amanda

Thanks so much for Christmas Hope playing all our Christmas songs! ~ Ros  

I love listening to hope. It’s very positive and encouraging. Our whole family listen to it including my two young children. Thank you for making hope for everyone. ~ Lijuan

I love listening to this radio station everyday with my family. You bring us so much hope and faith. It especially warms my heart when I hear my 3 year old sing some of the beautiful Christian Songs you play. ~ Andrea

“When I had depression and Suicidal thoughts, Hope helped me through all the dark days.” ~ Anon

I love listening to Hope 103.2 because the songs and messages of hope give me encouragement when I am feeling down or stressed. It gives me perspective of the hope that I have in Jesus. ~ Jacquline

Thank you for your consistent positive message to help us focus on what really matters and the inner peace that comes from knowing our Loving God is sovereign. ~ Darryl

We wake up with Hope (even when we dont want to wake up!) and Hope makes our mornings a bit brighter! ~ Anita

I’m always glad to be able to turn the radio on and be able to listen to hope 1032 to take my mind off the stresses of life and filling my family with happiness and joy and bringing us closer to God and seeing the beauty in everything. ~ Shaylee

I have been listening to Hope for a while especially driving to work, home and church. Working in construction in my role as a Safety officer can be challenging but with Jesus by my side helps to see all go home to their families, and that’s my prayers answered – as well as for my family too. ~ Robert.

I changed to 103.2 when I found other radio stations were presenting views I didn’t want my daughter (then 13) to think were OK and I was a relatively new Christian myself. Just loved everything that Hope represented and especially Chris Witts when I was arriving at work – I really needed that encouragement. I’d just been through a difficult divorce and was learning how to deal with being a single mum and caring for my dad after mum passed away… Such a powerful Christian influence in our lives and the lives of others. ~ Sue

Listening 10 years. Even with bad reception. Safe radio for the kids, and appreciates the encouragement of ministry messages like John North. ~ Matthew

I’m a new Christian, and Hope 103.2 has played a vital role in my Christian life and has become a daily morning ritual. I feel blessed to have a radio station which has helped me in my pursuit for knowing God. Thank you for your amazing service. ~ Yogesh

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“Thank you for Stopping to Pray”

On Tuesday, with bushfire conditions at Catastrophic, we paused our Appeal for the day, to pray for all those facing the fires. On air and online, we shared bushfire related advice and information, as well as interviews and messages about our hope in Jesus. While it meant losing a crucial day of fundraising, the ministry needs of our city and nation that day were greater at that moment. 

Here’s some of the feedback you shared.

I thought that Hope’s initiative yesterday re the fires and November Appeal was wonderful – and I do believe that there was a massive answer to prayer in regards to yesterdays’ terrible conditions. Well done Hope! ~ Roberta.

It was a good call to suspend the appeal yesterday. And having the new newsroom service – how good is that! Thank you for continuing to provide hope & inspiration to listeners. God’s hand will be with the station in continuing on to meet the appeal target. ~ David

Beautiful response to an urgent situation yesterday!  Praying God’s abundant financial blessing on the remainder of the November appeal. Thanks and blessings. ~ Pam

Keep up the great work. Hope is important to us all. Amazing support like yesterday during the Bush Fires just reinforces all the great things that the radio station does for all of by living its mission statement. ~ Jo-Anne

Really appreciated the fact that you gave yesterday over to prayer for Sydney rather than the fund-raising appeal. May the Lord bless you abundantly. That is truly what you are there for!! ~ Sue

“Amazing support like yesterday during the Bush Fires just reinforces all the great things the radio station does…”

Praise God for your faithfulness – especially regarding Tuesday’s ‘hold & pray day’. As Hope listeners, we too will be faithful back at you – we serve a great God who is merciful and gracious and loves to bless! Keep up the great work, team. ~ Chris

Thank you for the great job you all do, especially today (Tues 12/11) giving us hope at this time. ~ Frances

I was very touched that Hope has taken a day off fundraising to provide support to the community during the bushfire. ~ Davin

That’s a big call to have had to make – be praying for Hope. ~ Garth

Feels like the right decision. ~ Praying for you all. Mark

Was really impressed by Hope stopping the appeal yesterday because of the bushfires, wanted to give a little more to help. ~ Kristina

Know that God will honour this decision made by Hope 103.2 ~ Ngaire

Thank you for being there for all and thank you for yesterday’s broadcast. It was such an expression of God’s love through you. Thanks to John North for being so open with what is going on in his life and sharing what a difference Prayer is in everyday life. Thank you for the witness to prayer and how God does want to be a part of everyone’s life. ~ William