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Faith, Politics, Mental Health, Man on the Moon: The Articles You Read the Most in 2019

The 30 most-read Hope articles of 2019 are a fascinating mix, from hot-button issues, faith, and mental health, to inspiration, TV & entertainment.

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 18 Dec 2019Station NewsReading Time: 6 minutes

It’s fascinating to dig into the web data, crunch the numbers, and discover what are the most popular articles on the Hope 103.2 website. Here for you to explore all over again, are the 30 most-read articles of 2019 – covering everything from hot-button political issues, faith, and mental health, to inspiration, TV and entertainment. Happy reading!

In The News

Babies Who Survive an Abortion Will be Left to Die, if New Laws Pass NSW Parliament

If a baby survives a late-term abortion, it will be legal in NSW to let it die – if the State Government’s abortion bill makes it through the Upper House. Read More

John Mayer Sings Hymn ‘How Great Thou Art’ in Auckland in Memory of Christchurch Terror Victims

Singer-guitarist John Mayer opened his Auckland show with the hymn ‘How Great Thou Art’ on Saturday, in memory of lives lost in the Christchurch shooting. Read More

Catholic Believers React to the Conviction of George Pell

Members of Sydney’s Catholic community have responded with great sadness after news broke on Tuesday about the sexual abuse conviction of Australia’s most senior Catholic leader Cardinal George Pell. Read More

Joshua Harris, Author of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”, Has Retracted His Book and Apologised

Joshua Harris, author of the 1997 book ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’, has released a statement admitting he no longer believes in much of what his book taught. Read More

Christian Leaders Launch Petition Calling for a Religious Freedom Bill

Christian leaders, lawyers and lobbyists across Australia are urging people of faith to sign a petition calling for a “Religious Freedom” bill. Read More

Federal Election

Trailer – How in God’s Name Should I Vote? Podcast Now Available

With a federal election upon us, it time to ask, How in God’s name do I vote? Join host Andrew Palmer and a swag of guests as we explore the importance of your vote and the role of faith in politics. Read More

Faith and Politics, Can We Really Make A Difference? – Episode 1

This episode will help you think about your vote and the democratic process. We hear from former Deputy PM John Anderson, the Centre for Public Christianity’s John Dickson, Max Jeganathan of Ravi Zacharias Ministries and more. Read More

Media & Entertainment 

Tears Flow as Sydney’s Hummingsong Community Choir Sing on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’

There was hardly a dry eye in the house when 300 women from Sydney’s Hummingsong Community Choirs took to the stage on TV’s Australia’s Got Talent. Read More

SBS TV’s “Christians Like Us” an Extreme Experiment in Communal Christian Living

If you were asked to live for a week with 9 other Christians with radically diverse beliefs – and with cameras following your every move – would you do it? Read More

What Was it Really Like on SBS Show ‘Christians Like Us’? Behind the Scenes with Assumpta Venkatachalam

Assumpta Venkatachalam chats to Katrina Roe about her challenging but faith-building time on the SBS show ‘Christians Like Us’. Read More

Children’s Choir Records Moving Linkin Park Hit ‘One More Light’, in Memory of Lost Friend

A moving children’s rendition of the Linkin Park song One More Light, has gone viral on Youtube – after it was recorded in memory of a young person who died in tragic circumstances. Read More

Indigenous Aussie Mitch Tambo’s Message of “Love From Above”, on Australia’s Got Talent

A young indigenous Aussie who fuses native language, music and dance with electro-beats – and sings of “love from above” – is winning the nation’s heart with a golden run on Australia’s Got Talent. Read More

Tragic, Inspiring – Aussie Missionary Graham Staines’ Story Now a Feature Film Starring Stephen Baldwin

The tragic yet inspiring story of Aussie missionary Graham Staines reaches the big screen in a film starring Stephen Baldwin & Bollywood star Sharman Joshi. Read More

Colin Buchanan Sings ‘Dad Jokes’ Live for Hope Brekky’s Sam & Duncan

Colin Buchanan sings his hilarious little ditty, Dad Jokes (are Bad Jokes) for all the Dads and Dad-figures of ‘Hopeland’, aka the Hope 103.2 audience. Read More

Rend Collective Live in Sydney – February 2020!

The Northern Irish modern worship, folk-rock band, Rend Collective, is headed to Sydney in February 2020 and we’ve got your exclusive tickets. Read More

Mental Health

Christians With Anxiety? It’s More Common Than You Think

Despite how common anxiety is, many Christians with anxiety struggle with an added layer of guilt or shame. But there’s no shame in seeking help, says theologian Paul Grimmond. Read More

Walking Through Anxiety and Depression: Encouragement for Christians

Are you or someone you love, walking through anxiety or depression? God’s word, psychology and medicine, all offer great hope for those who are suffering. Read More

There is Hope for Christians Battling Anxiety: A Chat with Paul Grimmond

It wasn’t until he had some terrifying panic attacks, that Paul Grimmond realised he had anxiety. Now he’s keen to encourage others struggling in similar ways. Read More

Survivor of 14 Suicide Attempts to Speak in Sydney on Hope, Recovery and Mental Health

For anyone with a loved one battling mental illness, or anyone walking that road themselves, Jazz Thornton’s message will bring great hope. Read More

Faith and Christian Living

Here’s Why Darlene Zschech, Taya Smith, JD Douglass and More Have a Cross on Their Wrist this Easter

In Australia, where Easter is mostly about holidays and chocolate, we can forget that it’s the hardest time of year for 245 million persecuted Christians. Read More

PM Scott Morrison Opens Hillsong Conference in Prayer, and Calls for Love Over Judgment

Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged 21,000 Hillsong Conference delegates to make love their highest goal, to lay down judgment, and pray for their nation.

“Why I Waited for the Wedding Night” – Sabrina Peters on the Truth about Abstinence

I kissed a lot of boys as a teenager. lWhy did I wait for marriage to have sex? Was it worth it and did it actually benefit my marriage? My answers may surprise you. Read More

An Encounter with God on the Moon: Astronaut Jim Irwin’s Incredible Lunar Experience

Astronaut Jim Irwin had a spiritual encounter with God while walking on the moon. It was a moment that changed the course of his life. Read More


Jesus Culture Singer Kim Walker-Smith Reveals Painful Years of Childhood Abuse, in New Book

Not many know that for Jesus Culture worship leader Kim Walker Smith, her journey into music was birthed in the pain of an abusive childhood. Read More

Hillsong United’s Taya & Jad – Talking Rest & Recovery, Marriage & Family, and the ‘People’ Album

Taya Gaukrodger and Jad Gillies of Hillsong United chat about the new album ‘People’, as well as family, marriage, and the need for rest and recovery. Read More

“Mama Miami”…The Adventures of Emma Mullings, Pastor, Singer and Mum-of-4, in Miami, USA

Each week former Hope announcer Emma Mullings phones in from Miami, USA, to share the ups, downs, and adventures of starting life in a whole new culture. Read More

Hope 103.2 News

The Fascinating Timeline of Hope 103.2 — Celebrating 40 Years

40 years ago, 2CBA made its first-ever broadcast of what is today known as Sydney’s beloved Hope 103.2. This year we celebrate four decades of ministry. Read More

Erin La Macchia and Family Besotted With New Baby Boy, Hugo

Erin La Macchia of Hope Drive fame has announced the birth of her third child: a healthy little boy named Hugo Concetto La Macchia.

Kids to Camp! Supporting Drought-Affected Farmers

Kids to Camp is an opportunity for you to support our drought-affected farmers and their families from Gilgandra, Dubbo, Narromine, Molong, Cumnock and surrounding areas. Read More

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