Erin La Macchia's Musical Tribute to Drive Co-host, Ray Kington – Hope 103.2

Erin La Macchia’s Musical Tribute to Drive Co-host, Ray Kington

As she heads off on maternity leave, Erin has farewelled her Hope Drive co-host Ray Kington in style, paying musical homage to his many passions and quirks.

By Clare BruceFriday 6 Sep 2019Hope DriveStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Erin’s parting song for Hope Drive host, Ray.

It was the end of an era when Erin La Maccahia, one half of the ‘Ray and Erin’ Hope Drive duo, headed off on maternity leave ready for the arrival of Bub Number Three.

Erin La Macchia, Hope 103.2 Drive Host

To mark her final day, Erin farewelled her co-host Ray Kington in style – paying homage to his many passions and quirks in a song.

Set to the tune of The Lady is a Tramp (made famous by one of Ray’s beloved favourites, Frank Sinatra), it references everything from Ray’s daily lunch menu, to his driving habits, and his favourite TV show (the time-travel drama, Timeless).

The final line, ‘All the best’, is a dig at Ray’s stock-standard greeting card message. It could be your 100th birthday, your 50th anniversary of working at Hope 103.2, or your coronation – and Ray would still write, “All the best – Ray”.

The lyrics are below, but like all good songs, it needs to be heard. Catch it in the audio player above… Erin, we will miss you!

‘The Man is All Class’ – A Musical Tribute to Ray

Ray Kington Hope Drive Host

He eats hummus and beans for a snack
Likes chicken stuffing, chips,
and chicken-from-a-can
Thinks everything’s better
with tomato sauce
That’s why the man is all class
He likes Tom Cruise films,
with all of his stunts
Looks good in a tux,
If he does say so himself!
Played the recorder really well
– when he was 10
Thats why, Kington, you’re a blast
He likes the not-so-fresh, wind in his hair,
Driving in tunnels without care
Top’s down, inhaling smog
Hey Mr Kington, it’s been fun and grand
That’s why this job has been a blast
He likes a pun joke and making me cringe
Shares random facts, no Googling here!
Loves watching ‘Timeless’,
while the rest of us don’t
Now it’s time to say it…
Yes I’m going to say it…
“All the best!”