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Erin La Macchia and Family Besotted With New Baby Boy, Hugo

By Clare BruceFriday 18 Oct 2019Hope Afternoons

Listen: Erin La Macchia chats to Ray Kington

Erin La Macchia of Hope Drive fame has announced the birth of her third child: a healthy little boy named Hugo Concetto La Macchia.

Born on October 2, Hugo measured 49.5cm tall on arrival and weighed in at 3.56 kg – to be precise!

Formerly Ray Kington’s co-presenter on the Drive show, Erin told Ray that Hugo ranks very highly on the cuteness scale. She’s finding that caring for only one newborn as opposed to two (she is also a mum to twin girls), is proving to be a lot easier.

Although Erin had a Caesarian to deliver Hugo after her labour wasn’t getting anywhere, she she’s been much more hands-on with her bub this time around.

Erin La Macchia's kids Frankie, Mia and Hugo

Awww, so cute! Twins Frankie and Mia with baby Hugo

“It is so different,” she said. “Our girls spent three weeks in special care because they were prem babies, and there were two of them, and I had an emergency Caesarean, and they were straight into humidicribs, and there was no skin-to-skin time. It was just very clinical.”

But with Hugo: “I was able to hold him and he was there with me, right from the get go. And I don’t have to ‘juggle’.”

She even says it’s been “a bit of a breeze” by contrast; “but let’s not talk too early – it could be just that newborn honeymoon phase where they sleep a lot and do exactly what you want them to do. And they’re like ‘just you wait, four weeks’ time I’ll show you my true colours’!”

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Hubby Sam and twin daughters Frankie and Mia are just as besotted as Erin is.


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