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Transformed: How Sponsorship has Changed the Lives of These Filipino Kids

By Clare BruceTuesday 20 Mar 2018Hope Mornings

If you’re wondering whether sponsoring a child is really worthwhile, it helps to check in with someone like Rema Reyes.

She’s the director of  ‘Project 979’ in Masbate City, a Compassion centre that’s been running for 10 years now at the Masbate Good News Baptist Church in the Philippines.

She chatted to Sam and Duncan during their trip to the Philippines where they were preparing for Hope 103.2’s Sponsor-A-Village appeal.

Rema explained that the first round of children who enrolled 10 years ago are now in year 12 and soon to graduate. Their lives are a testament to the difference sponsorship makes.

Sponsor a Child

Rema is like a proud parent when she speaks of the changes in their lives.

“Every time I go out in the community I see children suffering from different abuses – neglect, physical [abuse], verbal abuse,” she said. “Before they were registered in Compassion they had very poor self-esteem They felt [very] small. But once they learn about their identity in Christ, they are so confident because they now know who lives in their heart. And that’s because of Compassion and the church.”

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Tim Hanna serves a meal at the Masbate City Compassion Project

Above: Compassion CEO Tim Hanna helps serve a meal at the Compassion project in Masbate City.

She says the changes in their life are not just physical, not just spiritual and emotional, but ‘wholistic’.

“It’s a total transformation,” she said. “Before they were registered in Compassion they didn’t even know whether they could go to school because some of them are members of large families. I’m relieved to see them thriving as confident boys and girls, to see them coming out of poverty with the right direction.“

A Life Changed: Rodelin

Above: Rodelin speaking at a church service about how Compassion has changed her life (R) next to Hope 103.2’s Sam Robinson.

One girl soon to graduate is Rodelin.

At a church service that Hope 103.2’s Sam and Duncan attended, Rodelin was one of the young speakers, sharing her testimony with shining eyes and tangible confidence. From a background of poverty, Rodelin is from a family of nine children and had no real prospects of a good education or a fruitful future.

Now, she’s about to complete 12th grade and enrol in secondary college. Her future is bright.

Masbate City Project Children Perform

Compassion children also have their health care needs looked after through sponsorship.

“There’s no fear of getting sick,” Rema explains. “Any time, they can go to the centre and ask for assistance. And there is also the annual medical checkup. We provide shoes, uniforms, bags, anything that the money allows.”

Rema’s message to those considering sponsoring a child in Hope 103.2’s ‘Sponsor a Village’ project at Cabitan, is simple: “If we can invest money in gadgets and beautiful houses, why not invest in the child’s life? You are investing in a nation. What is a few dollars if you can transform the whole community through sponsoring one child?”

Sponsor a Child

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