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Together for the First Time: Sam & Duncan’s 10 Christmas Bromarks

Sam and Duncan have released a special Christmas Bromark series, made up of 10 bookmarks, each inspired by the colours in the paint aisle at Bunnings.

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 19 Dec 2018Hope BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

The day Hope 103.2 breakfast duo Sam and Duncan dreamed up ‘the Bromark’ will go down in history as a day that changed the world.

The humble bookmarks, depicting Sam and Duncan on either side, proved outrageously popular with breakfast show listeners. Never before have ‘Hopeland’ citizens clambered so passionately for a station prize, the bookmarks made even more valuable by their rarity.

To celebrate Christmas, Sam and Duncan launched a special Christmas Bromark series, each of the 10 bookmarks inspired by the colours in the paint aisle at Bunnings. Their descriptions are inspired by… who knows what, lurking in the deep, creative recesses of Duncan’s mind.

If you missed winning a Bromark to accompany your summer reading, sit back and observe the full range here.

Bromark 11  – Juniper Candy Day

As a warm breeze settles on the dawn of of Bromarks, we are pleased to share this. Number One, inspired by Sunsets, The North Face and Fresh Juniper Berries. It captures the sanguine essence of candy and the ferocity of a freshly washed cat. It is with the highest honour that we bestow the first in the series, Juniper Candy.

Bromark 2 2 – Seafoam Blush

As the torrent of a storm rages and spits up the gentle Sea Foam, so do our hearts for this creation. You’ll feel tossed like a small boat on a wild sea of emotions as you behold this creation. Blushing isn’t optional, it’s mandatory. Ladies and Gentlemen, behold Number Two: Seafoam Blush!

3 – Mahogany Mint

Sturdy, strong and pristine, nothing is mightier than Mahogany, except maybe Lebanon Pine, and Jarrah, and those huge trees in Portland, Oregon, USA. Do you know what pairs perfectly with Mahogany? Mint! Because it, too, is sturdy, strong and pristine. At least, that’s how your breath is after you have mint. So upon you we bestow Number Three, the substantial and robust Mahogany Mint.

Bromark 4

4 – Chartreuse Brick

Sure it’s hard to say, but do you know what else is hard? A brick. When you combine the two you end up with something soft, wonderful and festive. Let us melt your eyes with the wonder of Bromark Number Four, Chartreuse Brick.

Bromark 5

5 – Lipstick Moss

Tinsel has never looked so good. It’s so darn good it’s almost like Moss had prettied itself with Lipstick. Nothing is more classy than Moss wearing Lipstick. Well maybe if that Moss then wore eyeliner, but that’s crazy talk. Behold the wonder of Bromark Number Five: Lipstick Moss.

Bromark 6

6 – Olive Currant

This is where extraordinary and marvellous collide. It’s like an Olive slammed itself into a Currant and created some epic, hybrid tasty treat. Yeah, you know you would eat that! Here’s something extra special. Bromark Number Six! Olive Currant!

Bromark 7

7 – Crimson Pistachio

Just when you thought it couldn’t be done, we’ve so done it! Bold reds, powerful greens and all the robust flavour you’ve come to expect. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s lucky Bromark Number Seven and it’s Crimson Pistachio!

Bromark 8

8 – Parakeet Jam

A blast from the past with a fresh new spin. It’s been updated, but still holds historic accuracy. It’s the humble joy of a parakeet, and the wonder and awe of fresh jam. Behold: the mighty Bromark Number Eight, Parakeet Jam!

Bromark 9

9 – Rose Pine

They said it couldn’t be done. “A double bookmark? Lunacy!” But we assembled the greatest “brosmiths” in the world, and asked them to do the impossible. What they came down from the Tibetan hills with, was breathtaking; an astonishing feat. Introducing “Rose Pine”, Number Nine in the exclusive Christmas series. The first ever Double Bromark.

Bromark 10

10 – Pickled Red Alert

The prime example of wonder, brilliance and… something else unforgettable, has just been captured in an awe-inspiring festive Bromark. Just when you thought we couldn’t do it again, well, we just did. Pickle Red Alert? is the wonderful Number Ten in the Bromark Christmas series.

You’re welcome, and Merry Christmas. ??