Meet Hopeland's Newest & Cutest Citizen, Banjo Barnes – Hope 103.2

Meet Hopeland’s Newest & Cutest Citizen, Banjo Barnes

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 24 Jul 2018Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Listen: Sam & Duncan check in with brekky producer Ally Barnes about her adventures in motherhood.

Ever since Breakfast producer Ally Barnes went on maternity leave in mid-June, the listeners of ‘Hopeland’ have been wondering about the birth of Baby Barnes.

The wonderful news is that Banjo Halvor Barnes entered the world on the morning of Friday, July 13. Ally and her husband Sean are over the moon and so in love with their baby boy. Hope Breakfast duo Sam and Duncan phoned Ally to see how motherhood is going, and they were happy to hear it’s been a smooth transition for the Barnes family.

Ally said she couldn’t wait to introduce Banjo to the Hopeland team and was thankful for her “incredibly amazing” husband Sean who, so far, does every nappy change.

“Perhaps the novelty and post labour adrenaline haven’t worn off- but I’m loving every single second of these newborn weeks… sleep deprivation and all,” Ally said. “I feel so insanely happy and grateful to God for this amazing gift.”

Sean Barnes reading to Banjo

Above: Sean Barnes making sure Banjo starts developing his reading skills nice and early.


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