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When 245 Children are Sponsored in One Day

By Clare BruceThursday 29 Mar 2018Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Life in a rural village in the Philippines is about to change, after Hope 103.2 and Compassion’s first ever on-air “Sponsor A Village” campaign.

At the time of writing, Hope 103.2 listeners had sponsored 261 children from the Filipino island of Masbate, in one day. The live radio campaign, on Wednesday March 28, was a partnership between Hope 103.2 and Compassion Australia, calling on listeners to support children living in extreme poverty, whose families live in on less than $1 a day.

Most of the children were from the village of Cabitan, in Mandaon district, who will now attend a Compassion Child Development Centre at Cabitan Baptist Church. They’ll receive a proper education, filling meals and medical care, and will also learn the gospel message of God’s love. Thanks to the overwhelming success of the day, listeners also sponsored children from other Filipino towns, too, such as Mobo and Milagros.

“The fact that 31 children were sponsored by 6am during the breakfast show indicated we were going to blow out our goal.” ~Sam Robinson

Hope breakfast announcer Sam Robinson, who travelled with his on-air buddy Duncan to the Philippines last month and met some of the children, said he was ecstatic about the results of the day: “The fact that 31 children were sponsored by 6 am during the breakfast show indicated we were going to blow out our goal.”

Sam joked that “Hopeland’s borders have been extended”, and said it was heartwarming to think that the children he met in Cabitan are now on a path to a better life.

“Having been there and seen the kids, and having met the pastor and the workings, and knowing how thrilled they will be, it’s great,” he said. “Lives have been changed, families have been changed, a village has been transformed.”

Child sponsorship impacts not only a child, but often a whole family, as it relieves the pressure on struggling parents, and brings hope and opportunities to both the child and their community.

It’s not too late to get involved. The Sponsor A Village project will continue for a few more days; get on board using the button below.

Help Sponsor a Village

After the Sponsor-A-Village campaign concludes, you can still sponsor a child by heading to Compassion’s regular sponsorship page.

Sponsor a Child

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