Hopeanian Rhapsody: Sam & Duncan’s School Holiday Musical Challenge – Hope 103.2

Hopeanian Rhapsody:
Sam & Duncan’s School Holiday Musical Challenge

By Ally BarnesFriday 20 Apr 2018Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

We all know that during school holidays, music practice often gets overlooked.

That’s why all this week, Hope Breakfast’s Sam and Duncan challenged listeners to stay on track and practice their musical instruments, encouraging them to send in recordings of their practice sessions.

Their secondary goal? To take those recordings into the studio and create a Hopeland megamix.

Since Monday, listeners have been calling the station and leaving voicemails of songs, scales, covers and spontaneous jams. The collection brings together a vast array of musical talent in different keys and tempos, and in the audio player above is the ‘harmonious’ result. ? Mixed by Grammy Award winning (yes really) Hopeland music producer Michael Zuvela, Duncan felt the song was reminiscent of Queen’s epic rock classic, Bohemian Rhapsody. That’s why we’ve titled it, Hopeanian Rhapsody.

Special features to lookout for are the kazoo, the oboe, the djembe, the dulcet tones of Chewbacca, and Sam’s very own saxophone solo.

Hear the full story above, download the song, or listen to the song on its own, below…

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