Change Lives with Clean Water When you Support Hope This November – Hope 103.2

Change Lives with Clean Water When you Support Hope This November

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 7 Nov 2018

This year’s Hope-A-Thon appeal at Hope 103.2 will make a life-changing difference not only for listeners in Sydney but also for a family in need overseas.

How Becoming a Partner for Hope Gives Clean Drinking Water to Families in Sri Lanka

That’s because every new dollar-a-day gift given to Hope 103.2 during Hope-A-Thon (that’s a monthly partnership of $30 or more, or a one-off donation of $365), will also see a water filter provided to a family in Sri Lanka, through our partnership with Compassion Australia.

Kids with water

With clean drinking water, a family is ensured of better health, more consistent education, a greater ability to work, and less need to walk kilometres every day just to collect water. Tragically over 800 children die every day around the world, from preventable diseases caused by poor water and a lack of sanitation and hygiene. Water filters can make a very real difference to that statistic. Simple tools like a water filter can bring improved economic outcomes to a community.

To get on board and make double the difference, call 1300 36 1032 or head to our donation page to give a Dollar-A-Day or sign up as a monthly Partner for Hope.


Give to Hope and Unlock a Water Filter for Sri Lanka

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