Emma Says Goodbye to Hopeland; Now Laura Gets to Sleep In! [Video] – Hope 103.2

Emma Says Goodbye to Hopeland; Now Laura Gets to Sleep In! [Video]

By Clare BruceFriday 20 Oct 2017

As we start winding towards the end of 2017, it’s time to let you know about some changes taking place in our on-air lineup.

The first part of this news is both sad and happy at the same time: our beloved Emma Mullings is leaving ‘Hopeland’, otherwise known as Hope 103.2.

It’s sad because Emma has become a friend-on-the-air to many listeners over several years now; yet happy as she and her family are heading to Miami, Florida, USA, to fulfil a long-held dream to plant a church. The Mullings’ will leave in November, and Emma’s last day on air at Hope 103.2 will be October 27.

Stepping into her spot will be Laura, who has been getting up at the crack of dawn for the breakfast show for years, and now will get to sleep in as she takes up the mic on afternoons. You can look forward to Laura’s great interviews, reviews, music and news about what’s going on in Sydney. (And the search is on for the next person to join Duncan on the Brekky show!)

We wish Emma and Terrence, and their children Hosannah, Jeremiah and Israelle, all the very best as they head off on their new adventure. Their church will be C3 History Makers Miami, and fundraising and planning are already well underway.

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