Laura & Duncan's Filipino Market Adventure – Hope 103.2

Laura & Duncan’s Filipino Market Adventure

By Clare BruceThursday 17 Aug 2017Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Shopping at the markets in the Philippines is an adventure for Laura and Duncan. They encounter a coin purse made of a toad, something that looks like a Filipino boomerang, a lot of sausages, a LOT of rice, and some very giggly little girls who adopt Laura as their friend (watch below!)

What they do not find, however, is an avocado, which they attempt to locate while wearing glasses that simulate cataract blindness. It’s another little reminder of how precious it is to have your eyesight intact!

To support CBM’s Miracles Day and give someone living in poverty the chance to have their eyesight back, all it takes is $32. Make your donation now!

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To support Miracles Day and change someone’s life with a sight-restoring eye operation, head to the Miracles Day Donations Page.

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