Behind the Scenes with Hope Brekky's Laura, Duncan & Ally [Video] – Hope 103.2

Behind the Scenes with Hope Brekky’s Laura, Duncan & Ally [Video]

By Hope 103.2Thursday 22 Jun 2017

Ever wondered just what goes into making the Breakfast Show come to life on Hope 103.2?

We spent a morning following Laura, Duncan and producer Ally around with cameras as they prepped for the show: starting from their 4am drive into the studios, complete with Laura’s unique vocal warmup, to collecting great stories—and their eternal search for caffeine.

It’s hard work, but the team say it’s completely worth it, to bring the sounds of Hope to Sydney every morning.

“Some people think we’re crazy for getting up at this hour, but I think we all see it as a privilege to be able to start the morning with Sydney and to share wonderful stories about what people are doing in the world,” says producer Ally. “So I don’t mind getting up at this hour. And I don’t mind having a little nap in the afternoon, too!”

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