Your Gift to Hope Can Also Provide a Water Filter for a Family in Need – Hope 103.2

Your Gift to Hope Can Also Provide a Water Filter for a Family in Need

By Clare BruceFriday 10 Nov 2017

This year during our Hope Worth Sharing November Appeal, you have an even greater chance to change lives: not just in Sydney, but in Thailand too.

A generous supporter, who loves the work of both Hope 103.2 and the work of Compassion Australia, has offered to add to your giving, by donating a water filter to a family in need, for every new monthly Hope 103.2 partnership.

That’s one water filter for everyone who signs up to support Hope 103.2 with $30 a month—and if you give in multiples of $30 per month, the number of water filters will be multiplied too! If you give $60 a month, that’s two Thai families receiving life-saving water filters. And a partnership of $90 a month will see three water filters donated.

By providing a lifetime of clean drinking water, your bonus gift will prevent sickness, helping a family to continue to work, go to school, and lift themselves out of poverty.

Help share real hope in Sydney and beyond, by jumping on board today as a monthly partner.

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Mary uses a Compassion water filter

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