Aussie Trick Dog to Star in in 'Air Bud: Maiden Rover'—if Hollywood Gets On Board – Hope 103.2

Aussie Trick Dog to Star in in ‘Air Bud:
Maiden Rover’—if Hollywood Gets On Board

By Clare BruceFriday 6 Jan 2017

Listen: Sam Robinson chats to Hope 103.2 listener Ros and her talented dog Jet, on the premiere of the new ‘Air Bud’ film trailer  

While hosting Brekky on Hope 103.2 this week, the very talented Sam Robinson took the chance to make a dream come true—he created a Hollywood flick.

At least, he made a movie trailer…

…well, not quite a full video trailer, more an audio one.

And he pitched it to Hollywood…

…at least, he pitched it to a shop assistant working in a video store in Hollywood…

Anyhoo, let’s not quibble. The point is, Sam’s made an incredible trailer for a new instalment of the famous Air Bud franchise: a series of Disney kids’ movies about a golden retriever named Buddy, who has an uncanny ability to play sports like basketball, soccer, baseball and volleyball.

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With the doggy-flicks now gaining a new following on Netflix, Sam thought it was high time an Australian flavour was added into the series: Buddy plays cricket.

Listen: The final ‘Air Bud: Maiden Rover’ trailer.

With an on-air listener comp, Sam titled the film Air Bud: Maiden Rover, (a play on the cricket term maiden over). He recruited former Australian cricketer and TV presenter Mike Whitney to voice one of the main characters.

Listen: Aussie cricket legend Mike Whitney chats to Sam and voices a few lines for the new ‘Air Bud’ trailer.

And he also found, among his audience, one very talented dog named Jet, to play the voice of Buddy, with a distinctive ‘woof’ down the phone line.

In real life, Jet is a therapy dog who entertains kids and seniors with his many dog-trick talents. We even have legitimate video footage of the very talented Jet catching a ball on the full in a recent holiday game of cricket, proving that dogs truly can do anything they put their paw to / sink their teeth into.

Listen below for the final outcome of Sam’s creative venture. And look out for Air Bud: Maiden Rover at a DVD store near you… sometime in the future… if Sam can secure the funding…

Listen: Sam pitches ‘Air Bud: Maiden Rover’ to a Hollywood movie guy…

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