Thank You! A Hope Worth Sharing Appeal [photos and video] – Hope 103.2

Thank You! A Hope Worth Sharing Appeal [photos and video]

By Hope 103.2Friday 18 Nov 2016

Thank you for throwing your support behind your Christian radio station Hope 103.2 again this November and ensuring it’s fully funded into 2017. As of 6pm Friday night, Hope listeners had raised over $520,000, and 240 listeners had joined as Partners for Hope.

You’ve ensured that the hope of Jesus is available to countless lives across Sydney and online around the world. And that’s a hope worth sharing. We give thanks to God the ultimate provider for his continued faithfulness and blessing over this ministry.

Friday 18 November – Video: Thank You

Friday 18 November – Video: Your Story of Amazing Grace

Friday 18 November – Video: Duncan proves to our entire office today, that some things are not worth sharing

Thursday 17 November – Video: Emma Mullings shares how she wants her kids to thrive on positive messages

Thursday 17 November – Photos from the Tally Room

Thursday 17 November – Video: Your Story with Emma Mullings

Wednesday 16 November – Video: Duncan Gives Your A Studio Tour of Hope 103.2

Wednesday 16 November – Video: Not Everything’s Worth Sharing

Tuesday 15 November – Your Story

Tuesday 15 November – Video: Facebook LIVE from the Tally Room

Tuesday 15 November – Video: Bubbles and More Bubbles with Laura & Duncan

Tuesday 15 November – Video: Some Things Are Not Worth Sharing

Monday 14 November – Video: It’s the Mannequin Challenge in Tally Room

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