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Hope ‘Neighbourhood Hero’ Surprised by Giant Cheque Delivery

It was an unexpected surprise for Corinne Stephens when Hope 103.2's Sam Robinson turned up on her doorstep bearing a giant cheque...

By Clare BruceMonday 25 Jul 2016Hope BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: The phonecall that made Corinne Stephens’ day.

It was an unexpected surprise for Corinne Stephens when Hope 103.2’s breakfast team Duncan and Laura phoned her on Friday morning to tell her she’d been named Neighbourhood Hero for 2016. 

Not only that, but while she was on the phone to the brekky crew, FRESH announcer  Sam Robinson turned up on her front doorstep with a giant cheque for $1000 – her prize from Christian Super to acknowledge her kindness and friendship.

Corinne, who works  as a teacher’s aide, was nominated in the Hope 103.2 competition by Emma Howard – who couldn’t say enough good things about her friend.

“Corinne is a hero,” Emma wrote. “She is the most gracious, servant-hearted person I know. She helped my mum, who was a quadriplegic, be a hands-on Nanna by lifting up my twins onto her wheelchair. She drove my twins 50 minutes to Nanna’s house, and by literally being Mum’s hands when Mum wanted to play with the kids.

“For very little money, She was as selfless and kind as my Mum would’ve been. For five years at least once a week, she has driven 20 minutes to my house to clean it and tidy up all the mess. Every time she’s babysat, she has bought craft for each of my three children suited to their individual tastes, sorted the washing and cleaned the entire house.

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“The children love her and she will always work harder and more efficiently than you think is possible for a human in 60 minutes. Even though she is around eight years older than me, she has the wisdom and graciousness of anyone in my late mum’s generation.

“She is so humble, but the greatest of heroes.”

Congratulations Corinne!