All You Wanted to Know About Duncan, the New Brekky Host - Hope 103.2

All You Wanted to Know About Duncan, the New Brekky Host

To introduce you to the man behind the voice, here’s a few fun-facts about Duncan Robinson—the new guy hosting Hope 103.2 breakfast alongside Laura Bennett.

By Clare BruceMonday 11 Jul 2016Hope MorningsStation NewsReading Time: 4 minutes

A week into his new gig hosting breakfast alongside Laura, it seems Duncan, ‘The New Guy’, has settled nicely into his new role. Already his many talents have been put to use, including indoor rock climbing, producing some *very* unique breakfast promos, and drinking Kombucha—a useful trait if you’re friends with Laura Bennett.

To introduce you to the man behind the voice, here’s a few fun-facts about Duncan Robinson.

  • Morning Person – Thankfully, Duncan doesn’t mind getting up early; in fact 3:45am has quickly become his favourite time of day. “There’s no traffic on the road, I get plenty of time to put some scripture on and listen to it, and get prepped for the day. Its peaceful,” he says.
  • Family Guy – He’s married to Carly, who he met at the Big Day Out in 1999. Interestingly, though, she doesn’t remember it this way. “She believes we met that Sunday at church,” says Duncan. “History is still being debated on this one.”
  • Two American Kids – From 2008 to 2013 Duncan and his wife lived in America, planting churches in Phoenix, Arizona. During that time his two children were born – making them both American citizens. They are Ruby J J , who’s nearly 5, and Max, who is 3 and a half.
  • Jiu Jitsu Dad – Duncan’s a Jiu Jitsu instructor, and both his kids take lessons in the art—and love it. “I am constantly wrestling Max,” Duncan says. “I think his love language is wrestling.”

Duncan’s kids Max and Ruby share some rare insights into what Daddy’s really like when nobody’s looking…

  • Sneakers and Beanie Man – Standard office attire for Duncan in winter is jeans, sneakers, jumper and beanie. He has an extensive beanie wardrobe with multiple options depending on his mood.
  • Four Day Stubble – When asked about his beard, Duncan explained “That is my ‘I’ve been lazy face and haven’t shaved for 4 days—It’ll be a fairly regular occurrence.”
  • Pokemon Addict – Already Duncan is hooked on the smartphone app Pokemon Go less than a week after its launch—and is now peddling the addictive game to other potential users around the Hope 103.2 office.
  • Breakfast Routine – Every morning after the breakfast show Duncan goes and eats his stock standard breakfast, which is Mavers 100% peanut butter on toast, a banana, and a coffee. When he’s breakfasting at home, he doesn’t eat his crusts; Max eats them for him.
  • Coffee In Moderation – Unlike his Hope 103.2 brekky predecessor Dan, who drunk up to 7 coffees a day, Duncan limits himself to just one. After that, it’s peppermint tea. Or Kombucha.

Duncan Robinson

  • Sports Fanatic – Duncan loves sport, especially basketball and soccer. He once went for a job as a sporting scout in the USA and you’ll often catch him around the office swapping stats and stories about UFC, gridiron and anything else sport-related.
  • Not Quite Tall Enough For Basketball – Duncan comes in at 180cms tall—just under 6 foot. Otherwise he’d be an NBA star. Or something.
  • Overcomer – Despite a significant fear of heights, Duncan pushed through his qualms and went on an indoor climbing excursion for team-building with Laura. Now that we know he’s an overcomer, we’ll see what other scary challenges we can come up with for him. Welcome to the team, Duncan!
    Above: Duncan overcame a fear of heights for this *entertaining* climbing excursion with Laura…
  • Radio Rookie – He’s a natural on air, but actually this is Duncan’s first job in radio. He’d never considered it until the Hope 103.2 role came up. “I honestly hadn’t thought about being a radio host,” he says. “I had a buddy say to me, ‘you should be on radio’ and then I heard the same thing about 10 more times, so I thought, ‘I’m going to try out’ and—it worked out well!”
  • Follower of Jesus – “…I also thought being able to share hope and Jesus with a large portion of people every morning for breakfast, was a really good thing and an awesome opportunity.”
  • Part-Time Pastor –  Duncan has worked in pastoral ministry for 15 years. Now that he’s a breakfast host he does it part-time, ministering at Northgate church in Belrose. Before that he was a pastor in the USA at Church of Celebration.
  • Micah Fan – Duncan’s favourite Bible verse is from Micah 6:8 – “…What does the Lord require of you, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God…” It’s such an important verse to him that he keeps a cup on his desk with that scripture emblazoned on it.