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The Hope 103.2 ‘Colour The Word’ Giveaway

We're jumping on the adult colouring-in fad and giving away copies of Colour the Word, a colouring book for all ages featuring uplifting Bible verses.

By Clare BruceTuesday 10 May 2016Station NewsReading Time: 1 minute

If you hadn’t noticed, colouring is a ‘thing’—for grownups. The past five years has seen an explosion in the sale of colouring-in books designed for adults, along with colouring pencils and other art supplies, as people discover the soothing, meditative qualities of the art form.

Christian publishers have capitalised on the trend by producing colouring books focussing on Bible-based scriptures and affirmations.

Win A Copy – And Get Your Free Download!

Colour The Word

This week Hope 103.2 is giving away copies of Colour the Word, a beautifully illustrated book for all ages featuring uplifting Bible verses. As you colour each page, you’ll also enjoy spending quality time reflecting on God’s word. Each book features 20 designs which can be coloured and cut out for family and friends to enjoy.

For your chance to win, tune into Hope Afternoons and make sure you have 1300 40 20 20 ready in your speed dial.

Keen to get started now? Download your free, printable Colour The Word page – thanks to the publisher.

Colour the Word makes for a great gift and can be ordered today from Christian Education Publications.

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