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“Bring Back The School”, Says ‘Schoolbassador’ Dwayne Jeffries

Ever felt like your kids get more school holidays than you ever did? Dwayne 'Schoolbassador' Jeffries feels that way. Watch as he lets off some steam...

By Clare BruceFriday 22 Jan 2016Station NewsReading Time: 1 minute

As a new school year fast approaches, have you been feeling like your kids get more holiday time than you did in your youth?

Ever felt like those school breaks are getting longer and longer?

If so, Dwayne Jeffries’ insights into his own “Golden Academic Age”, and his desire to “Bring Back The School”, may strike a chord…

Warning: You may need a dictionary while viewing this video.

(Psst…Don’t tell anyone, but just between you and me, we think Mr Jeffries the ‘Schoolbassador’ – also known as Hopeland’s Official Jester – may be in need of a little holiday himself.)