Meet The Real Dan & Laura - Hope 103.2

Meet The Real Dan & Laura

For those keen to know who Hope 103.2's Dan and Laura really are when they're not on air, we filmed them chatting while driving to McDonalds for a coffee...

By Clare BruceWednesday 23 Sep 2015Hope BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Dan & Laura in the car

A new era has dawned in Hopeland, with the arrival of Laura Bennett to the Hope 103.2 Breakfast team.

Laura has moved from The Switch, Hope 103.2’s night time music show, where she graced the microphone for the past four years.

It’s no easy call moving from the night-owl environs of 7pm to midnight, into the sunny realms of the 6am to 9am breakfast shift. But Laura’s joined long-time breakfast host Dan Widdowson with her trademark enthusiasm.

What Dan & Laura Are Really Like

For those keen to know more about who Dan and Laura really are when they’re not on the radio, we filmed them chatting while driving to McDonalds for a coffee.

The video reveals how Dan came to faith, what TV shows he worked on — and why he’s not very happy with Jamie Durie.

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We also discover who Laura’s interviewed on the Red Carpet (OK let’s namedrop: Matt Damon, Steve Carrell and Sharlto Copley) and what she’s got in mind for the Breakfast show.

An Overseas Trip, An Action Movie, A Coronation

Together on Hope Breakfast, Dan & Laura have already…

  • Spent a week in Nepal for CBM’s Miracles Day, bringing sight to the blind
  • Filmed a groundbreaking action hero movie, Villainia v Hopeland (view below)
  • Launched the Big Hero Short Film Competition
  • Started a community campaign, “Dan & Laura Meet Your Need”, plotting a host of initiatives to help people in need across Sydney
  • Introduced Toe Wrestling as Hopeland’s official sport
  • Seen the top of Mount Everest, up close
  • Crowned Laura the Queen of Hopeland
  • Babysat eight kids and shouted a date night to one very worthy Mum & Dad couple
  • Given away Mystery Boxes to five lucky (or not-so-lucky) listeners
  • Introduced Sydney to Milkshake Monday, Thausage Thursday and Fork Food Friday

Watch: Dan & Laura’s history-making superhero action film, Villainia v Hopeland