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Erin’s Experiment: A Day With Cataracts

To help you understand what life's like when you're blinded by cataracts, Hope 103.2's Erin attempts to apply makeup wearing vision-impaired glasses...

By Clare BruceTuesday 25 Aug 2015Hope AfternoonsStation NewsReading Time: 1 minute

To help you understand what life is like when you’re blind, Hope 103.2’s Erin La Macchia has attempted some everyday tasks wearing blurred, vision-impaired glasses.

Her challenge is part of the CBM Miracles Day appeal, restoring sight to 20,000 disadvantaged people around the world.

You can lift an entire family out of poverty now by giving the gift of sight for just $32. Then, sit back and be entertained by Erin’s videos!

Everyday Task #1: Applying Makeup

In her first video, she does Emma Mullings’ makeup – with limited success. Let’s just say Emma won’t be fronting up to a photo shoot with this face on!

Everyday Task #2: Presenting A Radio Show

In her second everyday task, Erin presents the Hope 103.2 afternoon show like you’ve never seen – or heard – before.

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Everyday Task #3: Decorating A Cake

Decorating a cake was never so… interesting… when Erin attempts it wearing her cataract simulation glasses.

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