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Laura, Josh Hawkins, And Their Almost-Wedding

Sydney witnesses the on-air radio wedding – almost – of Hope 103.2 presenter Laura Bennett to Youtube sensation, Josh Hawkins.

By Clare BruceFriday 24 Jul 2015Hope BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: The on-air “wedding” at Hope 103.2. Photo: Laura seems keen. Josh? Maybe not so much…

If you tuned into Hope 103.2 on the morning of Friday, July 24, then congratulations – you were in the congregation of Sydney’s first radio wedding (of sorts).

According to the dubious claims of breakfast announcer Dan Widdowson, Laura Bennett was married live on air (almost), to Sydney’s latest Youtube sensation, Josh Hawkins.

This unique turn of events began on Monday when Laura fatefully stepped in as Dan’s breakfast co-host for the week, while Dwayne took a holiday. Dan, a hopeless romantic, determined that he would take the chance to get the happily-single Laura married off by Friday. Looking out for potential husbands among his interview guests, Dan chose the single young comedian Josh Hawkins, of “Hi Josh” fame, as his unsuspecting candidate.

While interviewing Josh on Thursday morning, Dan revealed his crafty wedding plan. Josh, who had only known Laura for an hour or so, was a good sport and went along with the arrangement, calling her “Mrs Hawkins”.

How The ‘Wedding’ Played Out

Josh Hawkins with Dan & Laura

All fun and games: Laura and Dan meet Youtube sensation, Josh Hawkins.

The next morning, Dan presented Laura with a series of fabricated wedding scenarios, cobbled together using fragments of audio from Josh and Laura’s interview. In the first, Dan – who is a pastor in real life – asked both Laura and Josh if they would take each other’s hand. Both agreed.

“Yeah, like, of course,” said Edit-Josh. “Yep,” said Audio-Laura.

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In the second and third scenarios, the young hopefuls sadly turned one another down. Laura was then given the opportunity to select her preferred ending.  After consulting her parents via text message, she made the wise choice of putting the marriage on hold.

“I may need some more time and consultation with my family,” Laura told Dan. “You are released from trying to find me a husband.”

She has begun to plot her revenge by ensuring Dan also has to do something against his better judgment: she’s sending him to the top of Mount Everest. Rumours are circulating that Laura has vowed never to join Dan on the Hope 103.2 breakfast show again.