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Launching The Hope Land Orchestra

Musicians of ALL ages and abilities are invited to audition for the Hope Land Orchestra. 

By Hope 103.2Monday 27 Apr 2015Station NewsReading Time: 1 minute

Join Hopeland's orchestra 

The Executive of Hope Land, Dan Widdowson, and official Hope Land Jester, Dwayne Jeffries (appointed after losing two games of paper-scissors-rock), are thrilled to announce the final lineup of musicians for the illustrious Hope Land Orchestra.

Members include 

  • Vocalists Katrina and Thomas
  • Viola player Gerard
  • Cello player Sam
  • Clarinet player Sarah
  • Flute player Clare
  • Trumpet player Annalise
  • Cymbal players Dan and Dwayne

These fine musicians range in skill level from beginner, to Australian Conservatorium of Music standard.

Ages range from 11 at the youngest, to the oldest, Dwayne, whose age shall remain undisclosed.

On Monday, May 4, the Orchestra will make its inaugural recording of the Hope Land Micro-National Anthem.

The official recording is set to be released on Tuesday, May 5, in an official Hope Land radio broadcast.

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It will possibly be available in a record store near you, however, if your record store for some strange reason doesn’t stock this historic recording, you will be able to download the anthem as a podcast on this website.