Launched: The Hopeland National Anthem - Hope 103.2

Launched: The Hopeland National Anthem

The atmosphere in the Hope studios was electric as the Hopeland Symphony Orchestra recorded the micronation’s national anthem. Watch the video and see the anthem lyrics.

By Clare BruceMonday 4 May 2015Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Making history: The Hopeland Orchestra line-up includes (back row) Dwayne and Dan, (centre row) Noah, Gerard, Annelise, Hannah and Thomas, and (front row) Sarah, Clare, Catriona and Sam.

The atmosphere in the Hope 103.2FM recording studios was electric yesterday as the Hopeland Symphony Orchestra made history, recording the micronation’s official national anthem.

It was a proud moment for the members of the inaugural orchestra and choral ensemble, who were selected through a rigorous screening process. Despite their short rehearsal time, they gelled musically and laid down an almost-flawless recording.

The choral line-up included vocalists Catriona, Thomas and Hannah, who joined in Dan and Dwayne’s singing with great style. Musicians of the wind-section, who ably led the anthem’s melody, included clarinet player Sarah, saxophonist Noah, trumpeter Annelise and in-house flautist Clare. Talented cello player Samuel from the Blue Mountains showed skill by providing an impromptu bass line, while accomplished vioist Gerard improvised some beautiful harmonies. Dan and Dwayne, assigned to play the cymbals, realised that they had come unprepared for the part, however an orchestra parent waiting in the wings saved the day by lending an i-phone loaded up with a percussion app.

Whilst the anthem recording is not yet available in record stores due to political tensions between Executive Dan and Hope Land’s music industry tycoons, it can be heard in the official You Tube clip below. Executive Dan and Jester Dwayne wish you enjoyment and a warm glow of micro-national pride as you listen.

The Hopeland National Anthem

Conceived in delusionary lunacy

Hope 103.2 is proudly supported by

Whilst embracing ancestry

Inclusion, love and liberty

Welcome to Hopeland


Led by those two bald forebears

Blessed with courage not with hairs

Dan and Dwayne thus led us there

Welcome to Hopeland


Financial ambiguity

Dictator-style democracy

Inclusion love and liberty

Welcome to Hopeland