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Marriage Saved, Through Hope 103.2’s Message

If you become a Partner For Hope, you will be helping people like Jessica, who credits Hope 103.2 to helping save her marriage.

By Clare BruceMonday 16 Nov 2015Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Jessica explains the role Hope 103.2 played in restoring her marriage.

If you’ve ever wondered if donating to a radio station can really change lives, consider the story of Jessica—who credits Hope 103.2 for helping save her marriage.

“Last year my marriage was in crisis,” she told Hope 103.2’s Emma and Andrew. “My husband and I were looking for fulfilment outside the marriage, and really struggling in lots of ways.

“One day I just got this feeling to change my radio station to Hope 103.2, and every song that came on, and the messages, really spoke to me.”

From that day, Jessica began to return to her faith in God.

“It made me realise I needed to put God first in our marriage. It’s been such a big change in my life.” ~Jessica

“The songs and the messages started working on my heart, and I started to talk to God more and bringing my cares to God more, and it made me realise [I needed] to put God back first in our marriage,” she said.

“It’s been such a big change in my life.”

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Jessica said that every day she tunes in now, she can feel God at work in her life and her marriage.

“It’s a big impact,” she said. “I want to [help] keep you on the air so that the next song could be a miracle for someone else.”

Giving To Hope 103.2 Also Helps Give The Gift Of Sight


If you become a Partner For Hope for $30 or more a month, or even if you donate a single gift of just $365, a CBM supporter will be matching your gift with a donation to CBM—to fund a cataract surgery.

So in effect, you’ll not only be helping people find hope in Sydney, but also helping to restore a person’s sight in some of the world’s poorest countries.

It’s a way for us to make an even bigger impact in our world.

You can become a Hope 103.2 partner, or make your one-off donation, on our Donations Page.