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Putting the ‘Pick-Me-Up’ into the afternoon pick up

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 28 May 2014

Parents we hear you – the ‘afternoon school pick up’ can often be tiring, chaotic and requires a lot of patience!

Hope 103.2 is here to help put the ‘pick-ME-up’ into the afternoon pick up, by providing parents with a simple survival kit of goodies while waiting to collect your kids from school.

We’ll be visiting schools across Sydney with goodie bags especially for parents, as we recognise you have one of the hardest, and most rewarding jobs on the planet. (OK, there might be something in there for the kids too!)

If you’d like Hope 103.2 to come to your ‘Afternoon School Pick Up’ let us know!

Contact Ally on 9854 7000 with your school details, including the name and contact details of your school Principal so we can get their OK.

Hope to see you on the Afternoon Pick up soon!

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