Team Hope completes the 2013 City2Surf – Hope 103.2

Team Hope completes the 2013 City2Surf

By Hope 103.2Monday 12 Aug 2013

Team Hope celebrate completing the City2Surf

Team Hope successfully completed the 14km City2Surf run last Sunday on a glorious winters morning.

One of those runners is Emma, who shares her motivation for running.

“I started listening to Hope 103.2 a couple of years ago and I just think that you all do such an amazing job! As a Christian I feel very strongly about what Hope stands for and I see this as a way of showing my support and appreciation for all you’ve done. Thanks Hope!

The City2Surf is a special part of the life and culture of our city. It’s an iconic event, so what better way to share the heart of hope than by slogging it out with a smile up heartbreak hill on the journey to Bondi!

You can continue to share hope by sponsoring a runner like Emma, click on the link below.

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Team Hope:

Support – Aaron Wright

Support – Dwayne Jeffries

Support – Laura Bennett

Support – Andrew ‘Web Guy’ Morris

Support – Phillip Randall

Support – Colin Seckold

Support – Emma Wright

Support – Arlene Wherrett

Support – Linda Lou

Support – Anna Ishak

Support – Natalie Bennett

Support – Camelia Morris

Support – Justin Kendall

Support – Suzanne Bennett

Support – Carisa Lieschke

Support – Richard Hamwi

Support – Edwina Seres

Support – Adam Tripolone

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