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Open House – Conversations with Leigh Hatcher now on sale

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 15 Oct 2013Open House Interviews

Open House Host Leigh Hatcher has had the pleasure of speaking with a wonderful variety of Australian and International guests on his show each Sunday night, and is delighted to announce the release of yet another book of interviews for 2013.

The new Open House book for 2013 is on sale now for $14.95






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Open House – Conversations with Leigh Hatcher, is the fifth book in the Open House series, and the second book penned by Leigh.  Offering stories with guests including Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, Rick Warren, and Steve Biddulph, Leigh says the hardest part of creating this book was deciding on who to leave out, “there were just too many compelling and interesting stories from the people I interview on the show!  While I was able to squeeze in two more interviews than last year’s book, cutting this one down to only thirty was still pretty hard!”

This latest book in the Open House series once again demonstrates powerfully how our world is filled with wonderful stories which demonstrate that authentic Christian faith can be good for people and good for our world.

Leigh says, “It’s my great hope that this book will both lift our spirits and lift our gaze to a God who, notwithstanding the many failings of those who seek to follow him—me included—always works for our good.”

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