Graham Agnew Releases ‘Hope on the Run’ – Hope 103.2

Graham Agnew Releases ‘Hope on the Run’

By Hope 103.2Monday 10 Dec 2012

Sydney Pastor and Hope 103.2 presenter Graham Agnew has compiled some of his best Hope 103.2 ‘God Spots’ into a 2 CD pack called ‘Hope on the Run’.

Designed for those living in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, these “bite size” chunks of hope and motivation will help get you through even the most stressful day. Topics featured include:

  • relationships
  • family life
  • stress management and
  • spirituality

This handy compilation means you can access them whenever you need a concentrated burst of emotional and spiritual energy. Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone you know, ‘Hope on the Run’ provides simple and practical insights that will leave you refreshed, inspired and ready to face the rest of your day. You can purchase copies of Graham’s book from his website.

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