LifeWords Touching Lives

LifeWords Touching Lives

By David ReayThursday 30 Jun 2011David Reay

Each weekday over 4500 LifeWords devotional emails are sent throughout Sydney, Australia and globally inspiring and encouraging people in their journey of faith.

Below is just a small sample of the feedback we recieve from LifeWords…

I have been receiving Lifewords now for quite a long time and on many days the devotionals really speak into my life – none more than today.  This morning my family had to meet to find out my Mum has untreatable cancer and to decide to take her off intervening machines and let her go home to God hopefully in a few days.  This devotion was a real comfort to my Dad and I as I shared it with him over breakfast this morning before heading to the hospital.  I just wanted to email and say thank you to Hope 1032 and especially for Lifewords 🙂 David

It truly is amazing. God inspired. Thanks for your wonderful, insightful, encouraging words everyday. I’m amazed at how they seem to speak to me so directly, just where I’m at. Corrine

David Reay is the author of LifeWords and joined us in the studio yesterday.

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