Kasey Edwards - A Quest For Purpose In Life.

Kasey Edwards – A Quest For Purpose In Life.

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 26 May 2009Open House Interviews

What happens when you wake up, and don’t want to go to work ever again?

It’s a scenario many people have faced. Kasey Edwards is one of them. She was a 30-something, highly successful change-management consultant who realised she couldn’t care less about change management.

She’d reached a point in her career where she’d lost all passion, and felt no sense of purpose or meaning. But she couldn’t see a way off the treadmill. So Kasey embarked on a quest for answers. She tried everything from doctors and psychologists, a clairvoyant, self-help books and even meditation, in her search for meaning.

Kasey’s chronicled her experiences in a book called 30-Something And Over It and you can listen to our conversation below.

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