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You’re the Voice: Try to Understand What to Do With it

Yannick Lawry is a voiceover coach in Sydney who believes we all have what it takes. So, could your next job be in the world of audio?

By Ben McEachenWednesday 11 Jan 2023Hope MorningsWorkReading Time: 1 minute

We hear voices all the time. The enormous amount of audio and video content we are steadily supplied with is mindblowing. Just YouTube alone there is a reported 500 hours of new video uploaded every minute.

Enter: The Voiceover Artist.

Perhaps you have considered throwing your voice into the ring of speaking over stuff.

Yannick Lawry is an actor and voiceover artist, based in Sydney. He also is a voiceover coach, training people at Studio Under the Stairs and advising students at the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

As Yannick explained to Hope Mornings, he believes anybody’s voice can be good enough to provide a voiceover.

But Yannick was quick to add it’s not quite so simple.

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He also spoke up about why he thinks God has given him the gift of such a great voice.

Listen to the full interview with Yannick Lawry in the player above.