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Diving Into Soul Support for Workers at Sea

Un Tay feels called to be a chaplain for Mission to Seafarers, bringing care and counsel to an ocean of employees.

By Ben McEachenTuesday 10 Jan 2023Hope MorningsWorkReading Time: 1 minute

Stop for just a moment and think about what it would take to stop our world.

One way would be if all the people who work at sea went on strike.

Global supply chains are heavily reliant upon seafarers. National economies and the arrival of your latest international parcel require water ways to work.

And they are just a drop in the ocean – ahem – of all those who climb aboard to do their job.

Reverend Un Tay is a chaplain with, and leader of, Mission to Seafarers in Australia.

He told Hope Mornings that he felt called to support those who work at sea.

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Respecting how workers on the waves serve our world, Un Tay believes spiritual support and caring counsel is necessary for them and Mission to Seafarers would love to place chaplains aboard as many small and big vessels as possible.

As Un Tay explained there was a vast need for people willing to also take on the mission to seafarers.

Listen to the full interview with Un Tay in the player above.

Feature image: 2022 MSC Maritime Art Prize Winners & Commended / The Mission to Seafarers – Victoria Facebook