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When You Run Your Own Business, How Do You Keep Going?

Psychologist Valerie Ling wants to increase the mental stamina of 'solopreneurs', so your passion project doesn't run out of steam.

Listen: Valerie Ling tells Ben McEachen what can help solo operators to stay focused and resilient

By Ben McEachenWednesday 23 Mar 2022Hope AfternoonsWorkReading Time: 1 minute

Before the pandemic, there were more than 2.3 million small to medium businesses in Australia. That’s almost the entirety of total businesses (99.8 per cent).

About 27 per cent of those businesses employed one to four people.

While the pandemic would have caused the demise of some of these businesses, plenty continue to operate. Often, with just one person on the books.

That one person is the solopreneur, as psychologist Valerie Ling described them.

Founder of the Centre for Effective Living, Valerie has been a solopreneur.

Before this era of side hustles and, apparently, everyone trying to do their own thing, Valerie embarked on her own business. Along with the challenges of family life and economic undulations, there was the strain and struggle of being the one person responsible for everything.

Personal and professional experience revealed to Valerie that solopreneurs need mental stamina to run the race.

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As she told Hope Afternoons, investment in mental stamina is vital to the solo operator being able to survive and potentially thrive.

For Small Business Month, Valerie is running a free webinar on Thursday, March 24: Mental Stamina for Soloproneurs.

Listen to the full conversation in the player above.

Feature image: Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash