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Free Training and Support for Migrant Women Seeking Work

A new fee-free program at Macquarie Community College has been specifically designed to break down barriers between employment and migrant women.

By Ben McEachenTuesday 17 May 2022Hope MorningsWorkReading Time: 1 minute

Stop to think about how many obstacles there are for migrant women seeking employment.

From language challenges to the access to services, technology and networks, migrant women are one group in Australia who face major barriers on the job hunt.

Macquarie Community College CEO Theresa Collignon told Hope Mornings that a new fee-free course has been specifically created to help migrant women find work.

Offered at various campuses, Skills4You offers support and training across the spectrum of employment needs. Theresa said its social impact will be particularly felt within the care sector.

Listen to the full interview with Theresa Collignon in the player above.

Feature image: Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash 

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