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Need a Job? CEO’s Top Tips for Job Hunting and Interviews

We also asked the Hopeland community to share what their top tips for a great job interview were and below is what they said.

By Georgia FreeThursday 3 Nov 2022Hope DriveWorkReading Time: 3 minutes

The HSC wraps up tomorrow – which means that many school leavers will now be looking for work.

NOVA Employment CEO Martin Wren joined Hope Drive to discuss his top tips for job hunting and interviews.

Martin’s top interview and job hunting tips

  • Dress the part
  • Be curious and ask questions
  • Research the company before the interview
  • Be honest (on your resume and in the interview)

Listen to Martin’s full interview on Hope Drive in the player above.  

NOVA Employment is a disability employment service, which provides employment support for those with disabilities or significant barriers to work.

Hopeland community’s top tips for a great job interview

We also asked our Hopelanders over on Facebook, what advice would they give someone in their current or next job, and here are their tips..

Have one or two of your own questions prepared to ask at the interview to engage with the panel, get some answers and to show your interest. Most of all enjoy the experience 👍 – Nicole

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First impressions count so dress for the job you want and be prepared. – Heidi

Always hope for the best and never think negative. – Kate

Take your time when answering questions, repeat the question back to the panel to make sure you understand what they’re asking – and smile! 😊 – Kim

Before the interview, no matter how I feel –  🌟 I Get up, I Pray 🙏, I Dress up, I Show up, I Never give up & I HOPE that I get the job. 🌟 ♥️ – Antony

Be yourself and answer honestly, then if they don’t select you, you know it wouldn’t have been a good fit. Be grateful. – Clare

Pray. If God wants you to have that job, He will look favourably on you. – Mel

Be honest. – Sandra

Make sure you have a good and presented CV or resume that’s accurate. – Ty

Eye contact is a must. – John

Smile! – Michelle

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Plan your resume. Plan your presentation. Plan potential answers. And pray for God’s plans. – Kate

Research the company. – Thi

Get enough sleep the night before. – Simone

Iron your shirt. – Sandra

Be yourself because if you aren’t and are successful you won’t last. – Laura

Present yourself with a smile and confidence in yourself, answer questions with truth, also manners are key to being a good person. Present your resume accurately. Not too much makeup, females. Suitable clothing for females/males and good luck. – Louisa

Having at least one question so you show knowledge of who you want to work for. – Anne

In the phonecall offering the interview, ask who will be on the panel, as well as their roles/professional interests. In the interview, draw an arrow on your page/notebook with each person’s name at the end of the arrow, so that you can remember their names and connect with their interests in your responses. And remember to acknowledge and thank the scribe. – Nathan


Make sure you know a bit about the company beforehand. – Tara

Be on time which is 10 minutes early. – Ken

Your foot is already in the door. Don’t do anything that will make the door slam shut. You’ll end up with no job and a sore foot 😉 – Kyle

At the end when they ask if you have any questions, ask specific questions that show you know what you are talking about because you are interviewing them just as much as they are you. For example, if the job is in child-related work ask, “how do you communicate your code of conduct and reporting procedure to the parents and children in your service?” “Can I see a copy of the risk management plan you use to prevent harm of children?” These types of questions will either cause you to not get the job because they are embarrassed of their not meeting minimum standards or secure you a job in a place that takes child safety seriously. Both outcomes are a win for the applicant. – Craig

Do mock interviews prior to the real thing to give yourself a chance to better prepare. – Vanessa

Do your research and have a few questions to ask at the end. – Rebecca