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Gig Economy: Delivery Driver’s First-Hand Account

For about three decades, Mick Davies has been coming to where we live — to serve us with daily needs such as food and news.

By Ben McEachenMonday 12 Dec 2022Hope MorningsWorkReading Time: 1 minute

Mick Davies does not have one delivery job. He has two. Back to back.

At night, he delivers your Indian take-away in the Shire region of suburban Sydney.

Mick clocks off for a few hours’ sleep before taking to the early-morning streets to deliver your newspaper.

As he told Hope Mornings, Mick’s been serving you with home delivery for about three decades.

With delivery drivers swept up in the headlines about the evolution of the “Gig Economy”, Mick has an interesting first-hand perspective upon this changed landscape.

Mick also shares what we are really like when he brings our dinner or morning paper.

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