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How to be an Ally Beyond National Reconciliation Week

Brooke Prentis on Stan Grant stepping down from ABC, and the important work of reconciliation beyond the Voice to Parliament referendum.

By Ally BarnesSunday 28 May 2023Hope BreakfastSocial JusticeReading Time: 1 minute

The theme for National Reconciliation Week is “Be a Voice for Generations”. Brooke Prentis is an Aboriginal Christian leader and she joined Ally Barnes on Hope Breakfast to explain how we can be an ally and champion of First Nations people and issues every week of the year.

Brooke shared how she felt when Stan Grant stepped down from hosting Q&A, and how important the work of reconciliation will be beyond the Voice to Parliament referendum.

For more information, visit the National Reconciliation Week website.

Listen to the interview with Brooke Prentis in the player above.

Let’s Talk About The Voice – and the Christian Ideas It Raises

Already the issue is proving to divide people, even among Christians. The point of this article is not to persuade you which way to vote. It’s not even to help you better understand the issues to inform your vote. Rather it is to encourage you to see and take hold of the opportunities that this national conversation provides to go deeper in conversation with colleagues and friends, exploring with them ideas this referendum raises, which are at the heart of the Christian faith. Continue reading...