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The Terrible Truth “Hiding In Plain Sight” About Slavery in Australia

Fuzz Kitto from advocacy movement Be Slavery Free discusses what Australian Federal Police statistics indicate about a heartbreaking social issue.

By Ben McEachenWednesday 17 Aug 2022Hope MorningsSocial JusticeReading Time: 1 minute

Be Slavery Free is a national coalition of organisations dedicated to battling the scourge of modern slavery and human trafficking, and they have recently revealed some heartbreaking statistics.

During 2021 and 2022, the Australian Federal Police received almost 300 reports of slavery and trafficking in Australia.

Along with his wife Carolyn, Fuzz Kitto is co-director of Be Slavery Free.

Fuzz broke down the statistics for Hope Mornings and offered two practical steps we all can take to fight this awful, ongoing problem.

Carolyn Kitto from Be Slavery Free Fuzz Kitto from Be Slavery Free

More information about modern slavery

Listen to the full conversation with Fuzz Kitto in the player above.

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