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The Power of the People When Communities Organise

Diana Olmos from Sydney Alliance can train us to unite for shared goals of local change. Make a difference, together.

By Ben McEachenThursday 29 Sep 2022Hope MorningsSocial JusticeReading Time: 1 minute

Maybe there is an issue or concern going on in your local area. You might think it’s a small thing. Or a big thing. Either way, you’d like to do something about it.

But then, like me, you tend to cool down quick after getting fired up? Instead of actually doing something about it, you hope someone else will.

Diana Olmos from Sydney Alliance trains people in community organising.

A coalition of different religious and community groups, Sydney Alliance advocates for the common good and a just, fair and safe city.

As Diana told Hope Mornings during Sustainability September, there is power in people at a grassroots level.

The possibility of change or action can increase when locals rally together behind a common cause.

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Diana wants us to know the influence we could have, together, and what we can do about actually getting out there and taking action.

Listen to the full conversation with Diana Olmos in the player above.

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Source: Sydney Alliance Facebook