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‘Walk for Freedom’ on October 19

By Laura BennettThursday 26 Sep 2019Hope Afternoons

Listen: A21's Erina Low speaks to Laura Bennett about 'Walk for Freedom' 2019

Right now human trafficking is robbing millions around the world of their basic human rights — freedom and dignity.

Social justice organisation A21 exists to restore victims’ freedom and dignity, and on Saturday, October 19 you can join them in their annual ‘Walk for Freedom’ to support an end to slavery.

“’Walk for Freedom’ is A21’s global fundraising and awareness event,” said spokeswoman Erina Low. “We want to mobilise communities all over the globe to abolish slavery. We may never be able to go and rescue victims ourselves, but we can all take a united stand against it.

“Australia recently introduced the Modern Slavery Act”, Erina said, “and we’ve found, on a national level, that it’s acknowledging and strengthening the legal response against human trafficking…It’s saying, ‘this is not OK for us’.

“The ‘Walk for Freedom’ isn’t a protest…it’s a silent walk, and enables all of us to take part in something beautiful and significant,” Erina said.

A21 Walk for Freedom Oct 19 2019

‘Walk for Freedom’ will be held in various locations across Sydney on October 19. You can find out more here.

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