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Christine Caine and Tim Costello to Share Stage at One-Day “Living Justice” Conference

By Clare BruceWednesday 12 Jun 2019

Above: Living Justice speakers (L-R) Richenda Vermeulen, Tim Costello, Chrstine Caine and Nick Caine.

When the team at Micah Australia sat down last year for a chat with Christine and Nick Caine, founders of the anti-trafficking and child rescue charity A21—they discovered a perfect synergy.

Both organisations are passionate about the rights of human beings. And they’re both committed to living by the example Jesus set, to defend and restore those who are marginalized or overlooked by society. And so, “Living Justice” was birthed: a one-off, single-day event in Sydney on Saturday, July 6, designed to inspire and re-fire those who want to make a difference in their world.

The event is being hosted by Micah in partnership with the organisers of The Justice Conference, in the leadup to Hillsong Conference. This will give conference delegates who are travelling to Sydney, a chance to attend Living Justice too.

“They are on the frontline on the fight against injustice.”

In addition to Christine and Nick Caine, speakers will include Micah Australia’s Executive Director Tim Costello, Aboriginal justice leader Larissa Minniecon, Richenda Vermeulen of nTegrity Agency, and Matt Darvas, the Campaign Director at Micah Australia.

All will speak about what it truly takes to live a life of justice, and make change happen – in politics, charity work, Christian ministry, and in the worlds of business and education.

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Matt Darvas said he was excited about the impact the day will have.

“We had the opportunity to meet with the Caines when they were out for Hillsong Conference last year,” he said. “They were very engaged and passionate about the work of Micah and it felt like a natural fit to invite them to speak at an event. They are on the frontline on the fight against injustice. They are world renowned speakers so we feel really honoured to be hosting them.

Why Justice Should Matter to All Christians

He believes justice isn’t just a niche issue for people with a “heart for the broken” – but is something all Christians should care about.

“Christians should be concerned about justice because Jesus was,” he said. “He set the example in caring and speaking up for the most vulnerable and marginalized in society. As the world continues to become more tribalised and turn inwards, it’s our responsibility as Christians to look outward to those who are on the fringes of society. To look out for the good of our neighbour – even those who are different to us.”

With our world facing massive justice issues such as extreme poverty, a global refugee crisis, modern-day slavery and indigenous inequality, there is no shortage of need.

“The world needs a generation willing to confront these challenges with grace, strength and love,” Matt said.

Event Details

Living Justice is on Saturday, July 6, from 9:30am to 1pm, at the Alexandria campus of Hillsong Church. Tickets are $29 which includes morning tea. Book tickets and find out more details at the Eventbrite Event Page.

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