Child Cybersex Trafficking - and What's Being Done to Stop it – Hope 103.2

Child Cybersex Trafficking – and What’s Being Done to Stop it

By Katrina RoeTuesday 31 Jul 2018Hope Mornings

Listen: Adolescent psychologist Collett Smart explains how IJM is fighting cybersex trafficking. 

It’s not a topic most of us want to think about – the online sexual exploitation of children.  But it’s happening.

Online Sexual Exploitation of Children, or OSEC, is the live streaming of sexual abuse of children – often aged between 1 and 12 years old. It’s a crime that’s paid for by Westerners, including Australian men.   But shockingly it is often Filipino women, even childrens’ aunts and grandmothers themselves, who are filming the abuse.

Adolescent psychologist Collett Smart recently travelled to the Phillipines with the children rescue organisation International Justice Mission, to see their work first hand, and visited an IJM partner safe house.

Here she talks about what she learned with Hope Mornings presenter Katrina Roe.

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