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Tackling The 45 Million Modern Day Slavery Crisis

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 5 Apr 2017Open House with Stephen O'Doherty

More than 45 million people are held in some form of slavery throughout the world despite the fact that slavery is illegal in every country on earth. The real extent of the problem is unbelievable. These men, women and children are born into servitude, trafficked for sex work, or trapped in debt bondage or forced labour.

The Walk Free Foundation was established by philanthropists Andrew and Lisa Forrest. They are at the forefront of work to determine the size of the problem and this week announced an important partnership with the Business Council of Australia to ensure that large companies are aware of measures to avoid the use of slave labour in their supply chains.

The Walk Free Foundation have also announced a partnership with the International Labour Organisation for their 2017 World Slavery Index that will be published in November this year at a major international conference on Slavery in Brazil.

Open House presenter Stephen O’Doherty spoke to Walk Free Foundation Executive Director of Global Research Fiona David.

Video: Modern Day Slavery by The Freedom Fund (2015)

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