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Is Your Chocolate Slavery Free? Find Out Here

A Catholic justice organisation is urging Australians to change their chocolate habits this Easter, and only buy chocolate that's guaranteed slavery-free.

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 11 Apr 2017Social JusticeReading Time: 2 minutes

A Catholic justice organisation is urging Australians to change their chocolate habits this Easter, and only buy chocolate that’s guaranteed slavery-free.

ACRATH, which stands for Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans, says that a lot of the $2 billion worth of chocolate spent this Easter will have been produced using child labour from West Africa. It’s a sad fact that more than 2 million children in nations like Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) are forced to do the work of picking cocoa beans – the key ingredient in chocolate enjoyed by free Westerners worldwide.

The head of ACRATH, Christine Carolan, was a good way to make a real stand against human trafficking.

“We know that some children, working in some of the cocoa farms in West Africa are trafficked,” Christine said. “Many others work in dangerous conditions for little or no wages and cannot attend school.”

How to Make a Difference

ACRATH is one of many justice organisations that has raised awareness about slavery-free chocolate over the past decade. To make sure you are buying chocolate that’s produced ethically, look for one of three labels: FAIRTRADE, Rainforest Aliiance, or UTZ certified.

To make a difference, ACRATH wants Australians to do the following five things:

  1. Buy only slavery free chocolate
  2. Eat only slavery free chocolate
  3. Spread the word about slavery free chocolate to five other people
  4. Learn about cocoa bean production and the plight of the many children involved
  5. Thank the managers of stores that stock slavery-free chocolate this Easter.

A number of stores including Aldi, Coles and David Jones, stock chocolate brands with fairtrade certification. Find out more on the ACRATH guide to slavery-free Easter eggs.

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