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Animal Testing Bill Not Adequate: RSPCA

A Bill aimed at banning animal testing of cosmetics has a big loophole and the RSPCA wants to see it closed.

By Stephen O'DohertyFriday 18 Aug 2017Open House InterviewsSocial JusticeReading Time: 1 minute

Listen: the RSPCS’s Jed Goodfellow talks to Stephen O’Doherty

Should animals suffer in the cause of human cosmetics? Community opinion firmly says no – and in 2017 the Coalition Government introduced a the Industrial Chemicals Bill that, among other things, aims to ban animal testing of chemicals used in cosmetics.

The trouble is it has a loophole — one the RSPCA says is enough to mean animals could still be used in testing cosmetic products.

The RSPCA in Australia is part of a worldwide “Makeover the World’ campaign and was delighted as the coalition has moved forward on an election promise to ban animal testing for cosmetic purposes.

RSPCA Senior Policy Adviser Jed Goodfellow explained the problem on Open House.