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Shoot A Hoop From 126 Metres High…How Ridiculous!

A group of Aussie basketballers broke a world record this week with an astonishing trick shot - in the name of Compassion.

By Clare BruceFriday 19 Jun 2015NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

In an astonishing stunt, Aussie basketball tricksters How Ridiculous broke a hoop-shooting world record on national TV this week.

As part of their ongoing bid to fight child poverty and support the charity Compassion, the foursome shot a hoop from the top of Tasmania’s Gordon Dam at a height of 126.5 metres.

Let’s just clarify that feat; the group’s members Scott, Kyle, Brett and Derek were standing at the top of the dam, with a basketball hoop positioned at the bottom of the dam – 126.5 metres below.

How Ridiculous Basketball Hoop Gordon Dam

In a Youtube video (below) filmed from several angles, the team are seen throwing the ball carefully in the direction of the hoop way below, and watching as it curves on its way down into the hoop.

The stunt was aired on the national TV show Sunday Night over the weekend (Sunday June 14).

Watch: How Ridiculous break the world record for highest altitude basketball hoop

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While the video makes the stunt look almost easy, the team did tests and practise runs for almost three days in harsh weather to get familiar with the distance, angles, and wind at the dam.

Their elation is obvious after Brett’s long-awaited clean shoot, as the four jump up and down screaming with joy.

How ridiculous celebrate hoop

Celebrating their latest world record: The four members of How Ridiculous

The How Ridiculous team, from Perth, formed by accident in 2009 when a group of mates from church got together to film some basketball tricks.

When they started getting attention with their videos, they decided to use the platform to raise support for Compassion.

Their aim is to do sensational basketball trick shots and other stunts around the world, to raise awareness of child poverty and inspire others to give generously.

They’ve already broken the highest altitude basketball hoop record three times. The last was from the EuroMast tower in The Netherlands at a height of 98 metres.

Other stunt videos they’ve recorded include the amusing Best Frisbee Catch Ever,  Trick Shots The Aussie Way, and Best Cricket Trick Shot Ever.

In 2014 the How Ridiculous team travelled to the Philippines to shoot hoops with sponsored kids and see the work of Compassion first hand.

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