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The Surprising Thing You Can Do to Date Better

Psychologist and creator of Dating With Purpose, Christina O'Connell, shares a significant starting point for approaching relationships.

By Ben McEachenThursday 20 Oct 2022Hope MorningsRelationshipsReading Time: 1 minute

Searching for Mr or Mrs Right can be a challenge for so many of us and making it harder is when you’re not sure about this whole dating thing.

What is dating? How can you date well? Is it possible to improve at dating?

Christina O’Connell wants to help you. A psychologist at The Resilience Centre in Sydney, Christina has developed the Dating With Purpose program.

Dating with Purpose Facebook

Source: Dating with Purpose Facebook / Psychologist Christina O’Connell (middle)

Combining personal and professional experience, Christina’s program offers relationship help from the outset.

Speaking with Hope Mornings, Christina explained what dating is in 2022 and the biggest barrier to dating well.

Most strikingly, Christina shared what she had found critical to revolutionising your approach to dating.

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A significant starting point for determining who you are, not just who you are seeking.

Listen to the full interview with Christina O’Connell in the player above.

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